Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Maine Island Dance Festival

Maine Island Dance Festival
June 25th-30th, 2012
Chebeague Island, Maine (near Portland, Maine)

As April is now well underway, advanced and professional dancers are searching for that perfect summer program: one that can build strength, challenge physicality, push boundaries and introduce new techniques.  Summer intensives allow time and space to explore dance and choreography in a way that is difficult during the regular and incredibly busy dance season.  These experiences are precious, unmatched and absolutely necessary for every artist.

This summer, spend a week in the picturesque Northeast, taking part in the Maine Island Dance Festival's inaugural year.  This exciting new project seeks to bring the cutting edge of contemporary modern dance to the classroom and stage with three dynamic artists, teachers, performers and educators: Lillian Barbeito (co-director of BODYTRAFFIC); Andrew Cowan (choreographer/master teacher for Shen Wei Dance Arts); and Holly Rothschild (artistic director of String Theory and Strange & Elegant choreography and performance installations).  Each day begins with technique classes, including study of Countertechnique with Lillian Barbeito; Reactive Body Technique with Andrew Cowan; and release based movement/Improvisation with Holly Rothschild.  These particular practices, though varied, all contain a holistic curiosity at their core; examining how the mind, spirit and body are inextricably linked.  Repertory studies and site-specific choreography fill the latter portion of each day's curriculum, with a performance showcase being produced at the conclusion of the Festival.

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